February 7, 2023

March 13, 2023

Phil Villeneuve


OUTRAVE is a new documentary series hosted by local legend Denise Benson that explores the connections between electronic dance music and the LGBTQ+ community through history.

What do Toronto DJs have to do with with the global history of electronic dance music? That’s what host Denise Benson and award-winning filmmaker Chris Remerowski explore in OUTRAVE.

Diving into the “connections between electronic dance music and the LGBTQ+ community ‘since the music genre’s origins in cities like New York, Chicago, Detroit and Montreal. OUTRAVE begins the musical adventure in the duo’s hometown of Toronto…

“The series will discuss topics like the Black and gay roots of contemporary dance music, and why it’s so important to create unique queer spaces while also injecting queer vitality into the broader rave culture.

"Clubs, social spaces and dancefloors have always been important to queer and trans people. They’re where we can both find and lose ourselves,” says a DJ legend herself in Toronto, Denise Benson. “They’re where we create – and connect with – community. They’re portals to possibilities of seeing and being ourselves.”

The first episode in the series features interview with local DJs/producer (and some of our favourite boos to party with) Karim Olen Ash, Aeryn Pfaff, James St. Bass, Chiclet, Maren Hancock aka Betti Forde, Jungle Funk Records co-owner Deko-ze; Cozmic Cat; and Chippy Nonstop.

You can watch episode one HERE for free, and keep checking back at Revry (an LGBTQ-first streaming media network) for future episodes.