June 3, 2024

Phil Villeneuve


Hallelujah! Toronto Trans soul music legend Jackie Shane is finally getting her flowers.

Hallelujah! Toronto Trans soul music legend Jackie Shane is finally getting her flowers.

Though folks in our community have been paying homage to the late, great trans soul singer for years, including the What Ever Happened to Jackie Shane short film (watch part of it here) by Steers and Queers boss lady Lauren Hortie or this terrific and rare CBC interview from just before she passed, the time has finally come for her very own heritage minute! The spot was filmed by a terrific crew (many of which are queer) and stars Toronto’s own Ravyn Wngz.

Produced by Historica Canada and Harlow Creative, led by executive producers Caitlin Brown (of CBC Gem Queens fame) and our Electric Circus queen Vanessa Magic (ONEIRONAUTIC). It was written by JP Larocque (Coroner; Gay Nerds) and co-directed by Pat Mills (Queens; The Christmas Setup) and emerging filmmaker Ayo Tsalithaba.

The English narration of the Minute is provided by iconic trans singer-songwriter Beverly Glenn-Copeland and the French end narration was done by R&B singer Anastasia Dextrene.

According to a press release “the Minute features two of Jackie Shane’s own songs, “Any Other Way” and “New Way of Lovin’,” and opens with an original composition by Canadian composer Murray Lightburn. Jackie Shane is portrayed on screen by African Mohawk two-spirit trans activist and storyteller Ravyn Wngz.

"Jackie has been a part of my inspiration and possibility story for quite a while now," said Ravyn, "I think we have very similar stories, both spending [our] childhood[s] in the South ... It's been such a pleasure to take on this project and to bring her story out to the world. I think it's necessary for people to really understand how much she gave to all of us."

The minute is released just ahead of Transgender Awareness Week, and the Trans Day of Remembrance on November 20th.