Caribana Queer Guide 2023

June 3, 2024

Phil Villeneuve


We've rounded up all the queer Caribana weekend related parties for you to ben' ova and bounce

Caribana weekend in Toronto is a global phenomenon and runs from Friday August 4 to Monday August 7. While not all the parties are totally safe of queer folks to attend, there are a good handful this year where you can really go off.

Parade day is on Saturday, the 5th down by the water (you can watch for free from the sidelines ~ which is how we like to participate ~ or pay to get in a watch all the floats and costumes in their full glory), but otherwise it's all about the parteeeez. We've listed what we found below, so get something and wave!

Check out Blackness Yes' guide to Black-owned businesses in the city to make sure you're well fed too.

This is North America's largest Caribbean Carnival and something so special.

Photo courtesy of the Globe and Mail

Friday, August 4

Dutty Friday - Queer Caribana Kick-off - Glad Day

Blouse & Skirt Caribana Kiki Ball - The 519

Jerk - 131 McCormack

Queer-a-bana Caribana Weekend - Hail Mary

Tallawah X Smoked - Hush Hush

Saturday, August 5

Go Hard - Chocolate City Caribana Party - Impact Lounge

Sunday, August 6

Blockobana 2023 - Stackt Market

Rewhine! - 131 McCormack

Posh: Caribana Skin Out! - El Mocambo