July 28, 2022

March 30, 2023

Yohomo Team


We’ve teamed up with the shine-y and new Ace Hotel in Toronto to curate the stunning Lobby bar for the next three months and it’s gonna be goooood.

Many moons ago, we sat at a small table with big couches and many cocktails with Ace Hotel Toronto’s Community and Marketing manager Michael Nyarkoh to creative stuff. Our hearts collectively skipped a beat and we decided that a weekly residency - every Friday nigh starting July 29th 2022 - inside the stunning Lobby bar at the hotel would be a very fun thing.

It was that easy! When good, kind, lovely, creative people hang out, good, kind, lovely, creative things happen. And just like that, for the next three months on Friday nights we’ll be curating a mix of DJs and artists to come in and play exactly what THEY WANT. No dancefloor pressure, no requests, just brilliant queer (and queer-ish) friends and fam on a great sound system playing weird and wonderful stuff.

Can I Be Me? is a pre-party, it’s a post-work, it’s a date night, it’s a hang, it’s a vibe and we’re so excited to be doing this, see you in there! Our very first edition features our favourite BIG SOUND BARBIE - ChanlMarshl and our very own Phillippe.