November 18, 2022

June 3, 2024

Yohomo Team


Get to know the legendary, Glitterbox diva before her set at Hot Touch November 25th!

Who is Natasha Diggs? Let us bless your life and introduce you. We were lucky enough to witness her set at this past summer’s Defected Croatia. She played the beach stage at sunset, she wore an enormous hat, she twirled, she played a Patchouli Brothers edit, she had the entire audience in the palm of her hand.

Her mix of high-energy global beats, drums, horns, funk, house, disco, vocals… it’s a mix of fierce, fun, deep cuts, big anthems, she is a moment and a wonder to walk and dance to.

A Glitterbox favourite, and co-founder of the groundbreaking and community movement Soul in the Horn parties in NYC, Diggs has opened for and played alongside folks like Erykah Badu, Mark Ronson, Grandmaster Flash, Rakim, Kenny Dope, Honey Dijon and Spinderella. She’s also been on tour with Miss Lauryn Hill and Damian Marley.

We’re thrilllled to be opening for her at our latest Hot Touch party on Friday, November 25 (tier three tickets are left!!!) alongside Karim Olen Ash, and some beautiful dancers and hosts and asked her a few questions to dig a little deeper into her world and show you why you cannot miss this party, honeyyyy!

Yohomo: Natasha! Thank you for answering our very serious questions, we are so so so thrilled you're coming to Toronto to grace the club with your energy.

I (Phil, one-half of Yohomo) was lucky enough to catch your set at Defected Croatia last summer... and it was a game-changer. Definitely a highlight of the entire festival... how was that set for you? How is it playing Defected Fest for you?

Ah it was great! Amazing energy that night always have a blast feeding off the energy of the crowd and the amazing Glitterbox/ House of Yes dancers that night! Defected Fest is always a blast because you get to hang out with and check so many of your dj friends - we be having wayy too much fun !!

Where is your favourite place to play on earth and why?

Apart from NYC I’d probably say Brasil.. in Bahia it’s a big event when the full moon rises out of the ocean.. and they usually have a luau on the beach where everyone goes to watch the moon rise and then we dance the night away.. I’ve gotten the opportunity to play one of these and there’s something so special about soundtracking a gorgeous full moon emerging out of the water.. on top of that Brazilians really know how to party and of course there’s nothing like dancing on the beach in paradise!

You've been called the "45 Queen" thanks to your stunning vinyl sets... tell us about your record collection? When did you start collecting? Where are some of your fave record shops? Do you have a top 3 records in your collection at the moment?

I’ve been collecting since I was a teenager and have a pretty extensive record collection with quite a lot of 45s but one thing about collecting records .. it never ends! There’s constantly new discoveries to be made.. I love Peoples records in Detroit, been to some amazing spots in São Paulo for Brazilian music, London and Tokyo are always great too. Top 3 records that’s a torturous question for a dDJ like me .. I’ll have to get back to you on that one lol

I find it hard to pin down your sound to describe to someone... how would you describe it?

I play music I love and that encompasses many genres and many moods .. but I would say a string that ties things together is Soulful, uplifting .. music to make you dance and that elevates your spirit!

Being a vinyl DJ, how do you find playing in a big club right before or after someone who plays digitally?

Well I don’t play strictly vinyl.. for me the format matters less than the music, but of course, playing vinyl is my heart and obviously the most fun! it all depends .. when the sound system and equipment is right there’s nothing like the sound of vinyl - warm and rich ! More importantly I think it’s about the energy you bring behind the records - and being confident enough in your sound to not just bang out the same tunes as every one else.. I find I play deeper and more eclectic when I play vinyl.

There's this photo of you and Jamie 3:26 playing a Glitterbox party that we love SO much. It's pure joy! Who have been some of the top DJs in your career you've played with?

Oh I love Jamie we always have fun!! So many heroes I’ve been able to play with from Danny Krivit at the Sydney Opera House to Louie Vega at Movement, Kerri Chandler at Southport Weekender.. My girls DJ Rashida & Nina Sol who always inspire me.. the list goes on and on!!

Being an NYC legend, how is it when you play with other legends from Detroit or Chicago for example?

I Love it!! I’m forever a student and love learning a picking up different records and styles from different regions… I absolutely love playing in Chicago and Detroit.. the hospitality is unmatched.. people are so down to earth and there’s a pride in the music that was birthed there.. Playing with the Chosen Few Djs at their annual picnic earlier this year was one of the most Wow moments of my dj career.. 50,000 ppl dancing to house music in the park! and those brothers give me nothing but love! Same in Detroit - from Ash Lauryn to Moodymann to LadyMonix to Dez everyone coming with deep soulful cuts… I’m always inspired!

Were you a club kid growing up? What was your nightlife upbringing?

I was super shy as a kid but I somehow started going to underground house parties and raves as a teenager and that was really my introduction to house music and literally in so many ways it saved my life.. the freedom and being able to dance to these sounds I didn’t know existed before was liberating ... I understood from then on the power of dance and music to heal and transform lives.

For those who have never been to a Soul in the Horn party... how would you describe one? It's definitely more of a movement and a community than just a dance moment....

Absolutely it’s like the meeting of all the best dancers, musicians, artists, music lovers in NYC in one room. Think if Basquiat & Keith Haring were alive they would be at Soul in the Horn... It’s definitely a movement and community built to uplift artists and give a platform to elevate the community... it’s a room filled with so much love & people really come to dance with each other not just to stare at the DJ which I personally love! The party is based around music with horns in it across all genres and we get some of the best musicians in the city coming thru to play alongside the DJs. During the pandemic we started streaming live and featuring guests from around the world with a global dance room... this really expanded us into a global movement .. we’ve continued streaming in addition to the live parties and have viewers tapped in from every continent which is a beautiful thing!

Your looks are a cherry-on-top to your sets, how do you put your looks together? There seems to be a lot of thought and friendship put into them...Where do you draw inspiration from

I really love piecing together looks from my archive of vintage .. it’s the same as putting together records in a set for me.. I wanna see how much i can get away with and I never wanna play safe! I’m inspired by 70s disco era, 80s downtown New York - I pull so much inspo from record covers & timeless divas like Diana Ross, Chaka, Phyllis Hyman, Teena Marie, etc.

We could go on and on and talk to you forever, thanks again for taking time to answer these questions. Can't wait to dance and twirl with you.

I can’t wait either!!! xoxo