Toronto best gay bathhouse guide

January 9, 2018

January 30, 2024

Yohomo Team


A guide to Toronto's steamiest and sexiest bathhouses

Sometimes you just need to get laid, you know? Or sometimes, you just want a giant steam room outside of your gym locker room filled with naked people, who also want to be around naked people.

Lucky for you Toronto still has a few hot and steamy options to help facilitate said rocks getting off. Though the hay day of bathhouses in Toronto has come and gone (thanks a lot, internet!) and selection isn't huge, there are still a few fun options out there, and that's something to be thankful for, right? Most spots are for men (trans inclusive), but we also have Oasis. Get out there and support these spots if you can, once they're gone, Toronto will ensure they're gone for good.

Here are the best (and only) gay and queer bathhouses in Toronto.  






Definitely the city's largest and most popular bathhouse, Steamworks is a men and trans men only spot at 540 Church Street complete with wet and dry sauna's, a massive hot tub, a smaller hot tub if the big one intimidates you, two shower rooms - both of which are completely transparent, so get ready to put on a show. There are a couple dark rooms, maze situations, glory holes, a porn lounge, DJs playing deep, dark intercourse inducing beats and urinals with transparent walls. Oh! and there's a gym.

Here is where you'll see body-ody-odies. Everything from daddies, buff gym bunnies, people of colour, femme queens, butch jocks, otters, twinks, tunks, older men and couples roam the halls looking for dick. It's a bit more intense in here, people are on the hunt.

Rooms and lockers are slightly cheaper if you have a membership, and there are a bunch of daytime, weekend and student specials. Check out their pricing page for all the details.

Expect lineups out the door, or long wait times in the stairwell leading up to the bathhouse on long weekends and during Pride. Rooms sell out fast and lockers too.

     Visit Steamworks website  

Spa Xcess

Modelled after European bathhouses, Spa Xcess at 105 Carlton Street is tucked away behind some sleek wooden doors at street level. It's known as the Bathhouse for a slightly older set and is also super popular with the Asian crowd. We're not sure why, but it's a thing. This bathhouse has an adorable hot tub space with palm trees and TVs playing porn that hard to leave. There's a wet sauna and a small dry sauna. Besides that, the most popular zones are the second-floor maze, complete with a glory hole stage, a cushioned porn area with multi-layered benches, windowed shower zone and loads of lockers and rooms. So many lockers. Most of the floors have been renovated and cleaned up, with 44 glory holes added to the rooms since the big fire that happened pre-pandemic.

They also have a (non-licensed) rooftop patio!

What sets this bathhouse apart is the bar and lounge when you first arrive. They have a fully licensed bar and lounge (with a pooltable, gambling machines and snacks) to hang out in your towel for some liquid courage, or a post-romp cocktail if you really hit it off with someone. They have a full-range of events, including SUDS, a more inclusive dance party within the bathhouse featuring drag shows and hosts. check out their IG for more details.

There are all kinds of student and weekday/daytime specials, so check out their pricing page for all the details.

Because it's just a minute outside the village, there are rarely wait times to get in, and weekends are most definitely the popular time. 

     visit Spa Xcess website  

Oasis Aqualounge 

Oasis Aqualounge at 231 Mutual Street has a long history in the city. The mansion used to be Club Toronto, a men's bathhouse that was one of the spots Police raided in the infamous Bathhouse Raids on February 5, 1981. It was raided by six male police officers in 2000 during the all-female Pussy Palace party. 

Club Toronto closed in in 2010 but re-opened in 2011 as Oasis Aqualounge as a female-focused, sex-positive paradise. It's a water-themed "adult-playground" with a heated outdoor pool and lounge area, a grotto, lockers, bar and dance area and then multiple floors with sex rooms for group action or more personal play. No one is being judged in the safe space where anything can happen.

The space is focused on women and their partners and throws a monthly women and trans women night called Sapphic Aquatica. Check their robust calendar for all their events (a bunch of which are broadcasted virtually!), which are generally more hetero but poly focused.

Pricing vary and you need to pay a membership fee to get it, but it geared towards women and trans folks ($25), with pricing set for couples. Single male rate start at $100 to avoid men going in on their own. It's about coming with a partner and playing around more than roaming the rooms and watching the action, which is happening in every corner of the house.

The club is open every day from 11am to 3am, with no new admissions after 2am.

     visit Oasis website  

Splash Steam and Sauna

What used to be part of the Central Spa chain on Dundas West in Little Portugal, has now been rebranded as Splash. The fellas who ran this place took over ownership and are making it their own. Tucked away above a bike shop at the corner of Dundas and Brock, Splash has a dry and wet sauna, a porn room with mattresses, a not-very-elaborate but functional maze area, showers and lockers. Monday-Thursday lockers are $16 and rooms are $21. Friday to Sunday they're $17 and $24. Also good to note that they have a student discount everyday to give you a break from the books and computers - it’s $8 for a locker, $12 for a room!

It mostly attracts a closeted, older crowd with the odd construction worker for good measure. Monday's, ounchtime and just after dinner are the best hours. Their Twitter account is also very active and hilarious.

This West End outpost is open 11am - 9pm everyday and they only accept cash at the moment. 

     Visit Splash Steam and Sauna  






Cabbagetown has its own sex corner with this massage parlour at 245 Gerrard Street. Adonis is basically a rub and tug for men by men. It's not a bathhouse, but a place where "costumers leave happy and want to cum back soon."

It's $80 for a 30-minute massage and $120 for an hour, and those prices include tip! There's also a free shuttle service to and from the venue if you need help getting there. It's open 7 days a week, but you should call ahead to see who's stroking... we mean working that day.

     visiti adonis website  

Club Hamilton

OK, ok, it's most def not in Toronto, but Club Hamilton (previously Central Spa Hamilton) - at 401 Main Street West - is complete with lockers, showers, a steam room, sauna, porn rooms, mazes, dark rooms, a lounge and individual and deluxe private rooms. 

They will be open 24hrs starting February 2nd, 2024 and host a bunch of monthly events.

Lockers are $29.50, rooms start at $34.50. 

     Visit Club Hamilton website