The top sex-positive parties in Toronto

January 23, 2020

June 3, 2024

Yohomo Team


Scratch just below the surface of Toronto’s nightlife scene and there is a very sexy itch happening. You can reach it, it’s simmering in a few clubs and venues in the city and we’re here for it! Here are the top sex-positive parties in Toronto.

EDIT: Since this post when up in early 2020 Covid-19 happened, and none of these events are currently taking place. We also lost Club120, a spot that has always been supportive of sex-positive parties in Toronto. We’ll update this post once we can get nasty in public again, until then stay safe and sexy yourself!

HOT SEX! Generally, Toronto can be pretty uptight when it comes to sex. Unlike our neighbours in Montreal, or our distant cousins in Mexico City or Berlin, Toronto often feels small, serious uptight when it comes to sex at parties. We’re not even talking full-out sex shows, we’re talking about sexual energy and freedom to be yourself and make out with whoever you want or remove as much clothing as needed. You know?

This is why we are extra thankful to the folx who are pushing for a more sex-positive culture in Toronto, and put this list together to shine a light on their x-rated efforts. You think throwing a party is tough? Imagine ensuring a safe and sexy space on top of dealing with venue and city rules. It ain’t easy, but we’re glad these parties are pushing all the right buttons. Special shout out to the Black Eagle, Club120 and Oasis Aqualounge who support these parties and kinks.

Here are the top sex-positive parties in Toronto, in alphabetical order.




Bad Dog

Last Thursday of every month
Black Eagle

Whether you’re a pup or a handler, Bad Dog is definitely the pick of the litter when it comes to puppy play parties in the city. Dog masks, tales, mats, humping, pissing, wrestling, dominance… they’re all very welcome, accepted and supported at this fetish night. Check out the Black Eagle Kennel Klub page for rules on how to play nice.


Fisher Price - a regular performer at Bathhouse and Bodyworks - and her cats.
              Fisher Price - a regular performer at Bathhouse and Bodyworks - and her cats.                                


Bathhouse and Body works (this party is on hiatus)

Second Sunday of every month
Oasis Aqualounge

One of the most inclusive, unique and sexy parties the city of Toronto is lucky enough to host, the B&BW crew create a monthly night of drag, performance, sex demonstrations, heated pool hangs and dancing. From the same people who also bring us the monthly Amateur Strip Judged by Drag Queens (another sex-positive night, this one for the exhibitionists), this party swirls around the multi-floor venue made up of sex rooms, corners, hallways and a grotto. This is queer nightlife at its queerest, with fetishes on full display. It’s $25 gender-neutral pricing to get in.


Once a month
123 Danforth Ave

If you want to dance and 100% guaranteed make-out, kiss, get laid, etc, then pay to play at Boner.  Promoter Boner Moon has created a new world that balances sex, dancing and snacking (there’s an intense snack table to help keep you moving into the early hours). This is a male-focused event (everyone is welcome), there are lots of shirts off, folks with no pants on, jockstraps, wafts of booty, poppers and armpits, and a sweaty dancefloor. Resident DJ Jeremy Khamkeo keeps the beat, with guest DJs popping in to join the circuit-y fun.


Boner fluffer and organizer Nigel March poses in front of the party logo at Club120.
   Boner fluffer and organizer Boner Moon poses in front of the party logo at Club120.                                



First Friday of the month
Impact Lounge

A new kid on the sexy party block, this one is a "totally naked dance party" the first Friday of every month. "Where do you put your money & phone?• Many people bring cash that they store in tall socks or they wear an item like a Fanny pack or arm band."



Bears in Excess

3rd Sunday of every month
Spa Excess

This monthly bathhouse event is geared towards bears and their admirers. Big boys in the hot tubs, showers and saunas, yes please! Bonus: the team behind BIE also throw an event called Chubs in the Tubs, six times a year.  This is a social event with a sex bonus. There are activities, prizes, and of course lots of settings to get down with proudly chubby guys.

Freak like me (this party is on hiatus)

Fourth Friday of every month
Black Eagle

A new kid on the sexy party block, this one from the brilliant minds of DJs Babygirl, Karim Olen Ash and Chippy Nonstop. This is an all-gender, techno-focused dance night with a mini-sex-maze bonus upstairs and an overall vibe of anything-goes. Bring your inner freak, however you express it. This party is meant for everyone to feel like a VIP, and with all the cozy dark corner at the Eagle, all the latex on the floor and extremely dance-able sets from the booth, this is dance party where your inner fantasies are welcomed and heavily pet.


Home Turf ambassador - this guy.
                                                                                                                                                                 Home Turf ambassador - this guy.                                


Home Turf

Every second Thursday of the month
Black Eagle

This monthly leather and gear night is for folx who have invested in the world of chaps, vests, jocks and other fetish gear. It’s a night where you can show up, check all your clothes, strap on your dog mask and butt-butt plug tail, get on all fours and beg for training. In organizer Jeremy Feist’s words, “All leather, BDSM and kink enthusiasts welcome. Leather or other fetish-gear highly encouraged but not mandatory.” Bring all your dark, twisted fantasies and see what happens.


The first Saturday of the month
Black Eagle

The concept is simple: come in, check you clothes (not mandatory, but you’ll have a lot more fun if you do, and no one is judging in here), sport your fave jock strap and cruise. There’s a rotating cast of  great DJs who mostly play progressive house, go-go boys, beer deals and lots of butt. Honestly, when the night gets hot and heavy, it smells like butt on the dancefloor. Someone should capture this in candle form.

KINK 101

First Thursday of the month
Black Eagle

Feel like getting flogged for the first time? Tied up? Dripping some hot wax on your partner while you have them in ankle restraints and nipple clamps? Us too! Kink 101 is a night for whatever you’re into, with a bit of guidance if you need it.





Check the site for future events.
123 Danforth Ave

Check the website for dates, but this male-focused afternoon sex party really isn’t about the music, it’s about having gay sex. “A hard man is easy to find” here, cover is $15, consensual bareback sex is permitted, and there often guest gay porn stars to set the mood. Didn’t get laid this weekend? This Sunday space will pretty much guarantee that happens. It’s a playful, raunchy, sexually charged event with secluded dark areas, private booths, a sex maze, slings, fuck benches and a bar. Wet wipes, condoms and lube are provided.

Naked Night

Third Thursday of every month
Black Eagle

The long standing Black Eagle Naked Night is going stronger than ever. It's a men and trans men only event, where folks mix, mingle, drink and get to know one another buck ass naked. It's zero judgement zone and clothing check is $2. There's no cover.

Sapphic Aquatica

Last Munday of the month.
Oasis Aqualounge

Oasis Aqualounge is unreal and super supportive of a healthy sexy romp. Sapphic Aquatica is the female-only sex party that happens bi-monthly on the final Sunday of the month. It’s a water-themed rainbow event celebrating kink, fetish and body positivity. There are usually fun DJs, full-out dancing, pool hangs, demonstrations, classes and s.e.x.


Once a month, dates vary
Various venues

Strapped is hands down (or hands tied up behind your head) the most exciting and sex-positive party in Toronto.  Created by Marisa Rose Grant of, it’s a dance party focused on creating a safe and sexy space for trans, non-binary and queer people of colour. The party moves to different venues until they find a home, but no matter when the party lands, it’s harness-ladden, steamy time. There are efforts made to make sure folx feel safe, can have body contact when they wanna. There are generally also shows and sets from our fave resident DJs Vaughan and Ace Dillinger.


Rubber night always welcomes newbies.
                                                                                                                                                                          Rubber night always welcomes newbies.                                


Torn: Toronto Rubbermen

Second Saturday of every month
Black Eagle

From 7-10pm, Toronto’s Gay Rubber Fetish community gather inside the black eagle to get squeaky and nasty together. This is a night for professionals who love rubber hear, but also for the curious (rubber gear isn’t mandatory, but highly encouraged.) Rubber, leather, spandex, uniform, sports gear … that type of thing are encouraged.