Sex and the City: 13 of Toronto's hottest cybersex workers

April 7, 2024

Justin Gray


Meet the new wave of queer artists pushing the online sex world to new heights

*Picks up phone*
“Charlotte, I’m masturbating. I told you I’d be doing that all day today.”
*Hangs up phone*

-Samantha Jones

2008 was a year marked with significant news in the world of erotica. Not only was it the year I worked my first job in America as a barista at the Hustler Hollywood Sex Shop on Sunset Blvd, where I sold cupcakes with icing genitals on them and assisted couples with finding the newest vibrating member for their family, but it was also a year with 3 major events:

  • The discovery of the ‘Venus of Hohle Fels’ in Germany, dating back 41,000 years, making it the oldest recorded piece of erotic art to date.
  • The release of ‘Pirates II’, the second instalment of the famous ‘Pirates’ porn series, which became the most expensive adult film ever produced at $8 million.
  • The surge in popularity of Pornhub, Xvideos, and YouPorn, which reached their highest visitation rates. Interestingly, this was also the year Apple launched the iPhone 3G, the first iPhone available outside of America, capable of streaming videos over high-speed connections without Wi-Fi.

These events defined the past, present, and future of erotica. The rise of phone streaming revolutionized pornography, moving away from bloated budget productions to self-produced content. Positioned between the lavish 'Pirates II' and the ancient 'Venus of Hohle Fels,' this new wave of content combines high-quality production with a homemade, artisanal vibe. Luckily for us, Toronto is teeming with some of the best creators online!

Since we’re big fans of supporting local artists, and masturbating, we thought to tug together a lusty list of Toronto’s fun, flirty, and frisky adult content creators! So come meet our 13 stunning artists and enjoy the new wave of cyber-sex superstars.

 P.S. We’re suckers for music suggestions, so we asked each of our beautiful creators to provide us with a sexy song to make a fun spicy playlist for you! Featuring selections from us over at Yohomo as well!

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Photo by sexy ass Ryan himself

Beefy Canadian|Ryan (He/Him) 

He’s big, he’s tall, and he’s all beef! Beefy Canadian|Ryan is the brawny boy next-door who’s mission of body positivity is shown through his solo and collab content. Don’t let those baby blues and darling dimples fool you, this hunk will grab you by the horns and and have you asking for a second serving of Beef.


Photo by Pia Graham

ESCOBUTT: (They/Them)

Are you talking to them? Or their Butt? ESCOBUTT leads fanny first with their bootylicious content. Toy play, solo work, collabs, their butt is constantly on the go creating sexy content and even sexier music. ESCOBUTT is the hottest multi-hyphenate in the streets and invites you to get off your feet and get off to their butt. 


Photo By: Christopher Sherman.

N.A.K.E.D: (He/Him)

We love a man of mystery and N.A.K.E.D is our secret agent of sex. Although this illusive fox  features past collab work on his platform, N.A.K.E.D’s focus is creating a sexual blog about himself. Welcoming you into his sensual self gratification, and taking you along on their mission of fulfilment. Dim the lights, grab some lotion, and get N.A.K.E.D.



photo by: @Nep2n3

Molly Jo Parton: (She/Her)

This ginger really snaps. From the weird to niche, Molly Jo is a big fan of bringing your fantasies to life with custom videos. Their collection of camp smut is bound to tickle your fancy, no matter what it is, she is the femme daddy of your dreams. Armoured with a heart of gold, and a mind of filth, Molly Jo brings the type of heat only a natural red head can. 


Photo by Christopher Sherman

Coyote:  (He/Him)

Toronto’s very own hairy Hannah Montana! Singer/songwriter by day, steamy creator by night, this punchy pop-star can hold more than an audience. Whether performing solo or doing a duet, Coyote is always centre stage. With a legendary ass, a silky throat, and godly mic-work, Coyote’s content is worth the ticket sale and have you be chanting for an encore. 


Photo by @arlequiinescarlata

Dylan Krow: (She/Her)

Dylan is the cutest little demon in the 6. What list would be complete without a celebrated model, non-submissive slut, and sloppy throat goat?! Dylan’s sweet chaos of work stretches from solos, collabs, and fetish. There’s nothing this naughty little daddy can’t do! So log on and watch her put the D in Dylan.  


Photo by: Lenny himself

Lenny:  (He/Him)

Sir, yes sir! Lenny is our king supreme ruling with a long, hard sword. Already the undisputed Mr. Cockbar in the village, Lenny’s online work invites you in to be at his command. POV style vocal solo work with a focus on findom, role play, and kink, Lenny will drain more than your wallet. 


Photo took this hot ass photo himself

BigImpactTO: (He/Him)

Gotta love a slap-n-tickle. BigImpactTO’s work invites you to be curious about kink, and have a giggle. This verse leather stunner want you to not take things so serious unless he tells you to. Erotic, goofy, and kinky, BigImpactTO is the type of creator you can bring home to mother, only to find him with dad later. 


Photo take by Gwen herself

Gwen Adora: (She/Her)

It’s everyones fav Milky Mommy GF, Gwen Adora!  Listed as the best BBW creator on OnlyFans, Gwen Adora works hard to maintain that title! With erotica spanning from solo fun, tease, role play, impreg and much much more, Gwen is a one-stop-shop for all your sexy needs. Take a look at her vast menu of options, there’s bound to be something that will have you crying out for mommy. 


Photo by @pjamnicky

Callum Colbey:  (He/Him)

Leather? Party for all? You table is ready. Callum is the self described ‘Martha Stewart of gay sex work cross marketing’. This jet setter is an event creator, model, and dancer who’s piping hot content is bound to have you asking your server for another napkin. With a focus on keeping the kink community alive and welcoming for upcoming generations, Callum is truly the host with the most. Click on his link, it’s a good thing. 


Photo by: Sarah Likes Pretty Girls

Kali Sudra: (They/She/Ellx)

Sex worker, performer, educator and activist! Kali is dedicated to dismantling structures of white supremacy within feminism, and directly challenges gatekeeping of feminist spaces. The main focus of their work is presenting dissident sexuality, directly confronting white-ableist-cis-heteronormativity by using various forms of sex work as a medium.


Photo by Neon Films.

SJ Raphael: (They/Them)

SJ Raphael is such a brat, but we can’t help but love them! Listed as a ‘hot, autistic couch-potato-next-door with a love of white gym socks’, SJ Raphael not only makes time to pop on a cowboy hat and turn out new sexy, awkward, silly, and messy content on the regular, but they also are a big activist fighting for SW justice! What more could you want in a creator?! Now click their link before SJ throws a temper tantrum. 


Photo by: Elijah Yutuc

Zeid Moon: (He/Him)

We can all agree, a sexy artist makes more than our paint drip. Zeid Moon approaches content creating with the same passion and intensity he approaches his art. “To me, porn is an artistic form of expression” and boy does he make great expression. Solo’s, collabs, and stills, Zeid Moon brings sensitivity into his sensuality that intensifies the experience for the viewers and truly elevates the world of erotica. Put down a drop cloth and have some fun getting messy with this creator. 


*If we didn’t feature you, please feel free to message us so we can add you to our next list!

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