Kenny Brain, on the brain

September 8, 2021

April 10, 2023

Yohomo Team


Kenny Brain and his beard are back on TV, but this time he’s playing with power tools.

Kenny Brain is back on our TV screens, and we’re so thankful to all the queer gods. Not only is his handsome self on screen, flirting with his eyes and body hair at every glance, he also now has his own god damn show on HGTV!

It’s called Making it Home with Kortney & Kenny (Hey Kortney! Sorry we’re fully concentrating on your co-host for this one), and it follows K&K as they help folks renovate their spaces in Toronto and Nashville. You might remember Kenny from his bearded days on Big Brother Canada, or just his hot, outdoors-y Instagram, we we went a bit deeper and asked Kenny a few very serious questions as the show launches.




Yohomo:  Making it Home is going to be fun to watch, we love a makeover moment... What needs to be redone in your own home/apartment at the moment?

Kenny Brain: Overall I’m quite happy with my place - BUT the one thing I plan on changing is the bathroom lighting situation. It’s currently pretty harsh downward lighting (pot lights) that make it really hard to trim my beard and also turns the bags underneath my eyes into giant duffle bags that scare me in the morning. So I will probably switch it up to some cool retro vanity sconces with a much softer forgiving light.

We’re of course going to be watching for décor and reno ideas... but most queer folks we know are going to be tuning in to watch YOU. How are you going to balance being a hot bearded man, being a handy person, and renovating places on the show?

Probably the same way I’ve balanced my life for the last 33 years - very precariously. I’m kidding - in all seriousness I love what I do. This show is new and exciting and incredible but that doesn’t change what I do or how I feel about it. It just showcases it to a wider audience. I’m super excited for people to finally see what I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into for so long.

Are there any hot tub scenes, shirtless moments, or episodes we should be telling our audience to record so they can re-watch later?

I won’t say there isn’t at least one of these moments - but I’m gonna have to leave this one a cliffhanger. Stay tuned.



OK, ok, more seriously, what’s going to make this show with you and Kortney stand out from the pack of other home makeover shows?

Foremost, mine and Kortney’s chemistry. We get along like a house on fire and have SO. MUCH. FUN together and I think that really shows. Because we get along so well we are able to really collaborate and create some incredible spaces - which brings me to my second reason our show is the - the transformations. The work we got to do for these homeowners is really unparalleled. Transforming a space for someone who is in need and giving them the home of their dreams is the most gratifying thing I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing… not to mention I got to do things I’ve only dreamed of (for example a secret bookshelf door *squeals with excitement*).

We know you love your dog and hiking and being outdoors, but what does a lazy day at home with Kenny look like?

So many bags of chips. All the chocolate and ice cream. Getting settled up on the couch with my pooch and then watching some really cheesy bad horror movie or anything with magic or superpowers in it.


Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 4.05.09 PM.png


Final question, how many plaid shirts do you own?

Every. Single. One.

What Making it Home every Wednesday at 9pm EST on HGTV and StackTV.