Exclusive Keith Haring Inspired playlist from Lina Bradford

June 3, 2024

Phil Villeneuve


A Lina Bradford playlist takeover ahead of our big party together at the AGO on November 17

The Lina Bradford love-fest continues with this Yohomo Weekly Spotify playlist takeover! We asked Lina for a handful of songs inspired by her time in NYC nightlife when we would party in the same spaces at Keith.

Her song choices and reasons below. See y'all on the 17th!

Dress you up - Madonna

He did a lot of work with her and he did the graffiti on her jackets for the tour of that album.

In And Out My Life - Adeva

He was very much schooled in black culture and music and she was the one.!!!

The Sun Rises - The beloved

Quintessential of the moment of his art. This group came out and was very much the time of the renaissance that we’re going on in New York in club culture..

I’m Not Perfect, But I’m Perfect For Fou - Grace Jones

He did the images for her in that video and worked with her quite frequently. Nothing more screams Keith Haring them grace Jones.

I Want To Go bang - Todd Terry

My brother, Todd Terry was killing it. His music was the club banger of the time and still continues to rock it, but this was the joint!

You Make Me Feel Mighty Real - Sylvester

Keith loved disco and new wave and he loved Sylvester.

Can’t Turn Around - JM Slik

JM Slik during the late 80s early 90s Chicago and New York were at the pinnacle of house music. The crossover between the two almost became the natural blend of the moment and this is one of those songs that he absolutely loved.

Love Gangover - Diana Ross

That was the staple of the time you could throw that joint in at any moment, usually at the end of the evening, and the children went up.

French Kiss - Lil Lewis

Yet another one the breakdown of this song is pure sex and that’s what was going on and he was capturing it visually along with what was going on in the clubs so when he would be at the club and see people go off it reflected his artwork the late 80s early 90s was everything fashion music art Music was telling the story and this is part of it. This song is legendary.