Bayli brings queer power to a block party this weekend

June 3, 2024

Phil Villeneuve


Our quickie Q&A with the queer Broolyn headliner at the year's Bentway Block Party

Bayli is the pop star we need right now!

The Brooklyn-based artist gives us a constant stream of goods by releasing fierce and mighty track after track, giving us TELLY BAG, giving teen-rock-band beginnings and finally giving us queer identity in music.

While she's not a fan of traditional labels (who is anymore, sheesh!), Bayli does lean towards queer and her confidence, her self-discovery and her ability to write catchy-as-hell pop music have us on board for whatever she's cooking up.

Speaking of which!... Bayli is the headliner at this year's Bentway Block Party happening Sunday, August 13th! Alongside an impressive cast of artists and performers, we recommend hauling your butt down to the Bentway to check her out.

We asked Bayli a few cute questions ahead of their show this coming Sunday and here's what she had to say.

Yohomo: Bayli! A self-described Gay Angel <3 It's been so nice to watch you evolve as a queer artist and become more and more confident with yourself as a human as an artist.

Aww ty.

Have you found that since you've been more open with your queerness, the community has jumped at the opportunity to embrace and support you?

I think as I began to explore and embrace myself it came out in my music…and I started connecting with and gaining followers who were also in the queer community.

We've read that folks have questioned your queerness in the way that it might restrict you to one community or audience and that you didn't agree with this. We have to say we don't agree at all either! Just because you're brave enough to talk about identity... if anything it opens you up to an even wider audience?...

Yes, as time goes by I’m happier and happier that I stuck to my heart and stood proudly in my queerness since the beginning of my journey. Like you said, a lot of people questioned why I wanted to publicly  align with the LGBTQIA+ as an emerging artist - even other people in the queer community - and that was hard to digest.

How did you cast the Telly Bag music video?... cause we want to be friends with everyone who appears in the video.

Haha! Telly Bag is the coolest video…my team and I reached out to everyone via social media and thankfully those artists and influencers were the ones who said yes we’ll be a part of it! The rest is *******…

Can you tell us about your last two collabs? CONNIE and SONIKKU... we love the moves into this type of pop.

Yes both of these artists are really cultivating their own unique sound and I love to be a part of anything that feels true, bold and 1 of 1.

The Block Party at the Bentway is a really special day here in the city... a breezy daytime situation under a glamorous bridge... how do you think your show will fit into this beautiful day?

I’ve never been to the Bentway but I’m excited to find out and party with pretty people of the 6!

Can you tell us about your two favorite things about doing Coachella this year? ... then tell us your least two favourite things…

My two favorite things are getting to play to that epic crowd in such a beautiful, dreamy desert environment and I got to meet legends like Ricardo Tisci and Amber Rose and it is always amazing to share space with the people who you grew up watching as celebrities. Two things I didn’t like are that the entry was smooth or easy and it was really dry and hard to stay hydrated!

You were here in 2022... do you remember your Toronto experience at all or is it all a blur from your tour days....

Oh my gosh! yes - thank you for reminding me! I remember I was excited and energized to play Toronto. I always know how to get the crowd moving but definitely had to warm them up! Also, after the show I met a super cool girl in the audience named Bayli (Bailey) so that was cute.

The Bentway Block party happens Sunday, August 13 from Noon to 9pm at the Bentway.