Welcome to the Apocalypse




Sep 20

10:00 pm

2:00 am


Ground Control

1279 Queen St W



"When there's no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth. ...…”

The end of days has finally come. Who will you be once you emerge from the ashes?

A hunter, striving to survive in this new environment?

An infected crawler, a zombie succumbing to the hoards, joining the dead who walk the earth?

A religious zealot collected the directionless?
The end brings with it a freedom: an ability to become who you have always dreamed of becoming, untethored by the structures of man made society that have since fallen.

So we ask again: Who will you become?

Welcome to the Apocalypse is a kinky dance art and sex positive party, complete with dungeon, plounge, performances and DJs throughout the night.

Dress Code:

   Zombies, survivalists, The Last of Us, Walking Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Fallout
   Fetish wear, lingerie, PVC, latex, kink wears etc.
   Not acceptable: casual wear, costumes that condone hate speech, costumes that reference real world politics or are distasteful to actual attrocities. This is a fantasy event, please be respectful. Our staff reserve the right to deny entry. Get creative, you nihlistic ghouls.

   Highlights of the night will include:

   Monitored play areas and fully equipped dungeon
   DJ lineup
   Queer and Kink Art Market

+ More

Doors at 10pm

Performances begin at 11pm.

Everyone is welcome. This is a consent conscious, queer and kink inclusive space. Dress code is in effect. Play area rules will be enforced. Look for humans with arm bands labeled "Doomsday Designated" if you need a check-in or to report bad behaviour. Let's work together to keep the underworld safe!

This is a 19+ event. Coat check will be available.

We are expected to sell out, so get your tickets early. There will be NO tickets at the door.

Follow @salemburns_ on instagram for updates

What's an event like this like? What're the rules? Read our code of conduct here:


“Any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we're doomed.
You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.”