THIRST TRAP 😈 - Dance & Play Party (July)




Jul 19

10:00 pm

3:00 am


The Lair

240 Parliament St


$16.34 - 21.59

July features guest DJ Justin Jamall.
UNLEASH YOUR DESIRES. Dance hard. Play hard.

THIRST TRAP is the dark & sexy dance party for guys into guys where anything can happen. Play is allowed anywhere at this event. Includes live X mainstage shows by hot local men. The third Friday of the month.
What to Expect:

VIBE: Dark & cruisy with a dance floor, bar, DJ, and lots of options for play.

MUSIC: Dark & sexy music by DJ Justin Jamall (House, Techno House & Gay Beats)

WHO'S INVITED? Guys only. Gay, bi, questioning, straight whatever - come dance, play or watch.
Mainstage Entertainment:

   July's XXX Co-Hosts & live performers will be announced soon
   The description of what they will be up to will be available at
   Show times are subject to change slightly.


   No means no. Consent is required at all times.
   What happens at THIRST TRAP stays at THIRST TRAP. No photos/videos are allowed at any time.

Dress Code:

   Whatever makes you feel hot. Undress to your desire.
   Popular outfits include: Jockstraps, harnesses, undies, see-through, fully nude, leather & kink gear, shirtless, gender-bending looks, etc.
   No strict dress code. Do you.

Clothes check:

   Cost: Free.
   Tips: Consider bringing cash to tip the attendants.

Ticket prices:

   $15 Early Bird Tickets
   $20 Advanced tickets (on sale until the day before the event at 11:59pm)
   $25 Day-Of online // $25 cash at door day-of.

LOCATION: Impact Lounge at 238 Parliament St. (not far from the Church St village).

   Can I wear ___________? Yes, you can wear whatever you want at this event.
   Can I be naked? Yes.
   Can I "play" anywhere at this event? Yes.
   Can I come to dance only? Yes of course, but be aware that "play" will be permitted everywhere.
   Are there any fetishes that are not permitted? We aim to support as many kinks as possible, but sadly, any kinks that are messy can't be permitted due to the fact that the venue does not have showers or advanced cleaning procedures. These messier kinks include (but are not limited to): watersports, scat, or anything involving blood.

The "Don't be an Asshole" Policy:

   When we say "guys," that always includes trans men. Transphobia isn't permitted.
   No means no. If you are not interested in someone for any reason, just say "no".
   All shapes, sizes and ages come to our events. Everyone is into something different. Be kind.

Special thanks to Load Count Studios, Fearless, Raw Studio Designs and Men's Room Toronto.