Que'd Up: Queer Open Decks




Sep 19

8:00 pm

2:00 am



818 College Street


No cover

Bring headphones/adapter/USBs.

Also whether you are queer or not and making time to support our events, please also make time to go support the Anti-Trans & 2SLGBTQIA+ legislation counter protests happening across the country on Wednesday Sept 20th. Supporting your queer friends and fam isn't just about coming through when things are fun, it's about showing up during the tough times when it really counts and our safety is at stake. Trans and queer rights are under attack in our home and it won't be long before they start coming for everyone else too. Show up, show out and let them know we won't stand for this. Information about the counter protests are shared in our story highlights, please boost!

Please remember at the end of the day, Que'd Up is first and foremost a political space. We will continue to be visible, protect our spaces, claim our right to celebrate ourselves and fight for our right to exist. Dance music has always been political and we encourage everyone that's looked at us as just a chance for a spotlight or a cool fun party time to reflect on how these values can show up in the work that you do.