Persistent Desire - A Butch/Femme Mixer




Apr 6

6:30 pm

9:30 pm


Tranzac Club

292 Brunswick Ave



A singles mixer for butches and femmes that celebrates the butch/femme subculture and tradition within the queer community.

If you identify as butch or femme, this event is for you! Butch and femme are expansive terms that are used by queers of diverse genders, explicitly including nonbinary, trans, and gender nonconforming people who identify as butch or femme.

If this event sounds like it might be for you, it probably is for you! If these terms don’t resonate with you, we respectfully suggest this might not be your event. Your friendly organizers (one of us butch and one of us femme) created this event specifically because we saw a need for it in our community—this is a labour of community love. We hope those of you who feel drawn to this event will take a chance and join us!