NUNU featuring Kilopatrah Jones, Karim Olen Ash and Phillippe




Apr 5

10:00 pm

3:00 am


Standard Time

165 Geary Avenue #2nd Floor Unit A


$25 - $40

NUNU, Phillippe and Karim Olen Ash's house lovechild is a celebration of classic house sounds. Vocal house, soulful house, music that moves, sweats and breaths. Sounds that bring people together on the dancefloor. The celebrated quarterly party has brought in artists like Shawn J Wright and Mez and aims to keep the spirit of house music alive and twirling in Toronto.

Kilopatrah Jones was born and raised in Queens, a city dweller and a club kid, Kilopatrah has an innate and superlative gift for transferring energy from the booth to the dance floor—through exciting house, techno, and jungle, and moments that both harken to Sound Factory–era glory days and bring you to sweaty BPMs of the future. Their sets are palpably personal: The dance floor has always been a powerful platform for expression for Kilo, once as a freeing and connecting space for a quiet house dancer and now as one for moving others like them. When Kilo gets going, you’ll lose sense of the kick drum versus the beat of your own body against the floor. That’s a gift from them to you, and your percussion is a gift back to them.

Kilo brings their energetic sass to a monthly Lot Radio residency and to parties with impressive lineups, playing alongside Todd Terry home in New York, at the legendary Movement weekend Club Toilet in Detroit, and for Boiler Room. Their mixes, for series such as Coloring Lessons, Honcho, and Juanita’s, and for spots on Rinse and Refuge, also capture the club at its most euphoric. You’ll step a little harder with Kilopatrah Jones.