Mar 29



7:30 pm

12:00 am


Clubhouse Toronto

643 Yonge Street


$25 - $30

You feel that? A massive quantum shift has taken place. The entire cosmos is watching, wondering what magic is about to happen. Is Earth about to upgrade into a higher dimensional realm? Let’s initiate the coming of New Earth together. You are being invited to transmute your energy into positivity, love, abundance, and happiness through dance!

DJ Utopia is a bisexual Indian-Fijian starseed. We are here to celebrate everyone: all sexual orientations, all ethnicities, everyone!

Our music is quintessentially Toronto: DIVERSE A F. Bhangra, Hindi, Afrobeats, House, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Reggaeton, R&B, EDM, Rock, Dancehall, Pop, Punk, etc. ALL CULTURES ARE REPRESENTED HERE! Take a sonic world wide trip through music.

Come find your community at Utopia Party!


$20 - early bird + eventbrite fee (until March 11 or they sell out)

$25 - regular price + eventbrite fee (until March 22)

$30 - last minute + eventbrite fee (until March 29)

*limited time promo code available! Share our event on your social media as a post and story, tag @utopiapartytoronto on IG and/or @utopiaparty on FB for a 10% discount! We’ll send you a unique code within 24 hours.

No tickets available at the door, all online!

(This venue requires stairs to access.)

Energy Exchange - if you would like to help out in exchange for a ticket, please msg us on our IG account or FB account. We have 3 volunteer roles.

2 Vibe Checkers: if you are a trustworthy person with good energy that makes people feel safe and happy, you are perfect for this role. Make sure everyone is ok. If something arises, have good boundaries and calmly handle the situation. If something spills, grab a paper towel. Watch the DJ booth if the DJ needs to leave for a minute. Help promote the event by posting on your social media once a week.

1 camera person: prefer a person who knows how to photograph people with a professional or semi professional camera to document the event OR a high end phone camera that takes really nice pictures and videos. Tags some photos during the event to social media, sends the rest after the event. Help promote the event by posting on social media once a week.



FB event link: https://fb.me/e/45IjvyFMD

DJ Utopia: https://instagram.com/nova.utopia777

All ages - 19+ ID check for Bhang Lassi/THC smoothies and bubble tea

UPDATE 1: UTOPIA PARTY HAS BHANG LASSI! Bhang lassi is super rare to find outside of India, and even in India it’s rare. It’s a weed infused smoothie drank during Holi and Shivratri. The Vedas describe bhang as an increaser of good energy and relaxation. This is a super unique and rare opportunity that would otherwise cost a $2000 plane ticket to India ✈️🛸 Also available are smoothies and bubble tea! Available in vegan and non-vegan, THC and non-THC. Come get high if that’s your vibe!

UPDATE 2: For those asking about DJ line ups, I am capable of DJing this event by myself, however I have had some DJs reach out to me and I am reviewing their sample playlists and in negotiations.

As of now, the schedule of March 29 is as follows:

7:30pm arrive. Door will be shut for 30 mins and then open again at 8pm. Arrive on time if you want to participate in the spiritual stuff!

7:30pm - 8:00pm opening circle, energy protection ritual, EFT tapping, chakra alignment, DNA activation, intention setting, manifestation ritual

8:00pm - 12:00am dance

12:00am - 12:10am closing circle, OM chanting, sharing gratitude, and wrap up!

Come find your community at this new, unique, once in a life time event!