The Thriller Kiki Ball!




Oct 28

7:00 pm

10:00 pm


The Henry

142 George St



Join us for an electrifying evening of fierce performances and fabulous fun at the Thriller Kiki Ball! Hosted by the one and only Father Kai'jin Mulan, this event promises to be a night to remember. so no need to go chasing Thrills this Spooky Szn...

Get ready to witness jaw-dropping voguing battles, mesmerizing effects, and mind-blowing runway walks. Our talented performers will leave you breathless with their creativity and showmanship.

The Thriller Kiki Ball will take place on Saturday, October 28, 2023 at 142 George Street, Toronto, ON M5A 2M7. Doors open at 4:00 PM (EDT), so make sure to arrive early to secure your spot. Whether you're a seasoned ballroom aficionado or just curious to experience the vibrant world of kiki balls, this event is open to everyone. So grab your friends, put on your fiercest outfit, and come ready to slay the night away!



Saturday, October 28, 2023

Venue: THE HENRY 142 George St

Time: Door 4:00pm, LSS 5:30, Ball Starts 6:00pm

Early Bird: $15.00 till October 2nd

Advanced Tickets: $20 till event day

Door: $25

All categories are based on popular horror/thriller films and media Use all related materials for inspiration. Be Creative! DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Categories and their effects will be JUDGED with INTEGRITY and Expectations of creativity, accuracy to the content, use of its inspiration, and the category's cash prize value! Come Correct and Don't GAG.


1. OTA Runway- HellRaiser : Bring it in a fashionable sadistic effect that must include leather and/or latex dominately. The look must unique and inspired by the villain Pinhead and his Sadistic Cohort from the 1987 Horror/Fantasy Film "HellRaiser" or its later adaptions. Now that the box has unlocked Run Chaos amok down the runway. For This category there can only be 1 winner! So In the END there is no house alliance. If walkers of the same house remain in the end they must battle for the prize! To determine the ULTIMATE RUNWAY RULER! All walkers must bring a gift for Father Kai'jin Mulan (Gifts are only required for the runway category, there is no minimum or maximum value. It could be a Teddy bear, it could be chocolate, it could be a card with cash, or even could be a bottle of tequila etc. "Don't be Mean, Send a Bean")

2. OTA Sex Siren- Alien Vs Predator : Inspired by the 2004 Sci-fi/Action Film featuring these two Horrors Creatures, we want you Come moisturized and ready to make the floor WET, we’re taking a sci-fi twist to this thrilling category. In a creative, sexy, revealing look and your one of a kind body Glistening in oils.Male Figures bring it in a gritty metallic look inspired by the predators.Female figures Bring it in a lustrous all black latex look inspired by the Alien Xenomorph Queen. Gnc’s Bring it in either look of your choice. Battles will be broken down by subcategory and the final battle will be a 3-way of each remaining for the cash.All trophy winners of will received a personal gift package including exclusive Althea Branton Pre-launch Product.

3. OTA Body- Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Inspired by the 1974 horror/thriller film "Texas chainsaw massacre" and its future instalments and spinoffs, we want you to bring it in a look inspired by the leather face killer and his Legacies but don't forget your mask. own every bit of the beast inside as you sell to us your Banging Body!

4. OTA Realness- Friday The 13th: Inspired by the many adaptions of the famous horrors Friday the 13th brought to us —making summer camp feel all the more ominous... JASON IS ALIVE‼ can you get the phone to work to call the authorities? Better find yourself something to protect yourself or a way to escape. Because there's no where to hide... be for-REAL! He can sense your fear and hear your Breath...😮💨 🪓 Bring it as one of camp counsellors at camp crystal lake. This can be reference to either the films, comics or video game. AND DONT FORGET YOUR NAME TAG COUNSELOR. (Props encouraged but not mandatory) ~Realness will be broken down, executive vs. Prettyboy vs. schoolboy vs. Stud Vs. Transman vs. FQ vs. DRAGS.

5. OTA Face- La Llorona: Inspired by the 2022 Horror/Thriller film of "The Legend of La Llorona" Bring it dressed ready for your wedding day with a veil for your reveal. As the evil spirit takes you over you become sharp, fierce and powerful but beware, you must keep it elegant because we all know your looks can be deadly!

6. OTA Tag Team Performance: In a creative matching look inspired by the twins of the 1980 horror/mystery film, "The Shinning" all teams all must bring it in a pair of either Twister & Twister, FQ and FQ, BQVF & BQVF, woman & WOMAN, DRAGS & Drag

7. Streetwear- The Craft: Inspired by the 1996 Horror/fantasy Film, "The Craft" we want to highlight and bring to life Gothic Mayhem... You are The outcast, punk rock and piercings. You are not the kids to F*UCK with! Come dressed to raise hell literally! DRESS TO UNIMPRESS LITERALLY! bring it in a fashionable and Gothic Streetwear look to bewitch the dark. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX AND DONT BE BASIC!

8. Bizarre- Saw: Inspired by the the 2004 film, "SAW" and its later adaptions that's left us scarred from bloodcurdling screams and graphic gore-like imagery. You must bring it as a 4 device made for torture! whether it's twisting limbs, breaking bones, peeling or melting human flesh Etc. How do you plan to pass judgement on your victims

9. Commentator - A Scary Story: For all those fearsome and frightening, here's a twist! I want you to come up with an original chant; tell us a story mentioning an ICONIC horror/ thriller/slasher villain or killer of your choice. Can you keep the rhythm and get the ghouls going? *Bring a reference of your inspiration*

10. Hand Performance - Carrie: HUMILIATED! Bring it in an all white look with BLOODY HANDS! Show them that you're not to be played with and that their actions have consequences... use nothing but just your hands to f*ck them up! Inspired by the 1976 Horror/Thriller film "Carrie".

11. New Performance - 5 Nights At Freddie's: It's Closing time... the doors are shut, it's your first day on the job and you thought it might suck. An empty building and nothing to do but then you notice on the camera there's movement around you.What's that roaming the halls?! don't scream or Shout... you don't want to be found out.Bring to life a resemblance/creative look inspired by one of the animatronic mascots from the 2014 horror-themed video game and later series installations, "Five Nights at Freddy's" to torment the security that works the over Night Shift. Serve the judges a performance that we NEED to catch on Camera! But make sure you get our attention before the light's go out! Judges Pay attention & keep those eyes peeled... the ANIMATRONICS MIGHT GAG YOU!

12. New Runway - 13 Ghosts: inspired by the 2001 supernatural horror film 13 ghost we want you to bring us a creative look inspired by the 13 ghosts that haunt the mansion don't hold back and go all out to make the judges scream