Big Gay Night: The OC Edition




May 26

8:30 pm

11:55 pm


The Rivoli

334 Queen Street West



BIG GAY NIGHT here we coooooome! We've got Partner, we've got MBG, we've got the BGN dancers and we've got an OC soundtrack dance party. How's that for queer starter pack?! And ofc i've got some more silly stuff up my sleeve

THEME: The OC! I wanna see some Alex and Marissa couples costumes! Gimme some white tanks for a lesbian Ryan Atwood! Who's got eyebrows to pull off a Sandy Cohen moment? Anna season 1 w her classic messenger boy cap OR season 3 when she got those long ass nails + hair extensions. Otherwise, best be showing up in a Summer Roberts crochet bikini or some ridiculous early 2000s wear.


Partner is a 3-piece live act, fronted by band leaders and lesbian stoner goofballs Josée Caron & Lucy Niles and featuring powerhouse drummer Simone TB. Their songs cover topics ranging from daytime television watching, Canada’s loveable institution Long & McQuade, and the importance of rock and roll.

MBG is a music project of Multi-Instrumentalist, Songwriter, and Producer Leena Rodriguez. Alongside her co-producer and engineer Phil Hirst, Leena writes, performs, and produces all of the project's music. Blending both the hard and edgy sounds of Alt-Rock with infectious Pop melodies.

Let's make Luke's gay dad proud.

BIG GAY NIGHT is a pop-up concert series showcasing queer and trans musicians in Toronto! Hosted by CJ Wiley